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Charges for pathology service have two parts. One is for professional service provided by the pathologist for examination of specimen and rendering diagnosis (professional component), the other is for processing of specimen and preparation of slides (technical component). The amount charged is based on 6 codes determined by the complexity of the case. When material received for pathology examination comprises of multiple specimens, each specimen is a single unit of service and is to be billed using a single code.

Upon completion of service, a billing agency will bill your insurance plan or you, if you are uninsured. The agency will attempt to provide all information required by the insurance company and to respond to their additional inquiries. If you have a second insurance the same steps will be repeated. If no payment is received within 90 days of initial billing they will bill you for the service. If no payment is received the billing agent will follow their collection policy.

For additional information please contact Farnsworth & Semptimphelter, L.L.C. at (609) 953-8600. For services covered under a federal payer program such as Medicare or Medicaid, there can be no waiver of any amount due from a patient, including co–insurance, co–pays and deductibles as either the primary payer or through coordination of benefit rules. Exception for professional courtesy.



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