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  • Errors: Pathology diagnosis is a subjective cognitive process. A mystic assumption prevails among some clinicians and laymen who believe that “the pathologist, given only a piece of a patient’s tissue, has all of the other ingredients necessary to produce a statement of absolute truth at the end of his report. More dangerous to mankind is a pathologist with the same concept…” (Oscar N. Rambo, 1962) Your pathologist has the same capacity for error and is susceptible to the same subjective distractions as you are.

  • No Guarantee: Advanced Pathology Laboratory agrees to provide conscientious, competent, and diligent services and at all times will seek to achieve reasonable degree of accuracy. However, because of the overall uncertainty of medical diagnoses, the evolving interpretation and changes in medical science, and many other factors, the pathologist cannot and do not warrant, predict, or guarantee results or the outcomes of the case.

  • It is necessary to correlate all pathology diagnoses with your clinical findings and your expectations. In case of discrepancy, please notify the pathologist.


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